Snapshot Technologies - Report Repository Solution


Features & Functions

Processing Engine

  • Processes many report formats including many advanced print streams and PDF
  • Logically splits large reports into smaller segments based on recurring fixed fields
  • Efficient digital report data compression ratios from 2:1 to 10:1
  • Automated caching for high-speed retrieval
  • System activity tracking reports for auditing and security
  • Unattended data collection and transfer of reports from host systems
  • Batch or real time processing
  • Digital report storage - reports archived to DASD, RAID, optical, tape or CD and DVD media
  • Server APIs for smooth interface to document imaging systems and other repositories
  • Hot backup SnapWeb server with automated synchronization software for disaster recovery
  • Multi-level group security provided within company, user, report, page and field levels

Search and retrieve digital bank/financial management reports

  • Global indexes for cross report search
  • Index, wild card and text searches
  • Saves complex or frequently used queries
  • Last query instantaneously recalled
  • Sorts, edits and prints the hit list
  • Hyper-linking on common indexes between reports
  • Reports archived to DASD, RAID, optical, tape or CD and DVD media

View, print, fax, e-mail

  • Creates custom views of digital reports
  • Report pages can be viewed, printed, faxed or e-mailed
  • Places reports in user-defined folders
  • Row and column locking
  • View 132-column reports without scrolling
  • Advanced annotation toolkit
  • Extracts, formats and exports report information to other applications
  • Supports single or multiple page form overlays
  • Field level security with automatic redaction of sensitive fields
  • Prints, faxes, emails (partial, single or multiple pages)

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